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2020 Election: 15year Old Girl Composes A Peaceful Election Song

There has always been campaigning songs each and every election but mostly sells as political parties campaign song for either party A or B

Joyce Amoako Yawson, a 15-year-old girl has joined the campaign trend with a shrewd song dubbed ‘Menko’ but is strictly campaigning about Peaceful Election in spite of the COVID-19 pandemic in the world

The teenager’s song speaks about maintaining peace in Ghana and its message its like a cutting sword which cuts to and fro

It comprises of advise for both Civilians and Politicians to be careful and maintain peace in the coming election

In an interview with Pemsantv host Afia Sarpong, she elaborated that ‘Our Politicians live a classy and A1 life as they send their families to abroad to enjoy good living whiles they get the guts to use people for dirty works because they have money to pay people to fight for victory for their seats’

The song is available on


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